We Also Offer Custom Designed Screen Products For Oil & Gas


Alloy Machine Works, Inc. manufactures a wide-range of industrial screen products using the wedge profile wire screen design process. Some of our most popular products include:

We Also Offer Custom Designed Screen Products For Water Well


Alloy Machine Works, Inc. manufactures cost effective, stainless steel screens designed especially for the environmental industry. They are used for numerous applications such as disposal wells, monitoring wells and remediation wells. Additionally, these screens have been employed for various landfill and contaminated site applications. They are available in both Rod-Based and Pre-Pack styles as well as in various sizes.

Oil & Gas

Sand can represent a major obstacle to oil and gas well production. When produced with hydrocarbons and water, sand represents a costly problem. Hence, sand control is vital to the overall completion process in many reservoirs.

Alloy Machine Works, Inc. is a leading independent manufacturer of premium sand control screens including wire-wrapped, pre-packed, and premium diffusion bonded screens as well as perforated liners.


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We Offer Custom Designed Screen Products For Industrial 



We Offer Custom Designed Screen Products For Environmental

Water Well

Everyday 83.3 billion gallons of groundwater are pumped in the United States. That’s approximately 2.49 trillion gallons per month, or 29.88 trillion gallons per year. Forty-seven percent of the U.S. population depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply.

Many water wells penetrate unconsolidated material and require installation of casing and a well screen to prevent inflow of sediment and possible wellbore collapse. The space around the casing is usually sealed with grouting material of either neat cement or bentonite clay to prevent contamination by water draining from the surface downward around the outside of the casing.

Well screens (filtering devices) are installed in the water bearing formations, allowing water to move into the well, while keeping out gravel and sand. The most popular filtering devices for water wells are continuous slot (wire-wrapped) screens and perforated liners.

Continuous slot screens made of V shape wire wrapped around a series of vertical rods. This allows the most inlet area and higher productions rates.

Alloy Machine Works, Inc. is a leading independent manufacturer of rod-based wire wrapped well screens and perforated liners.